R.K. Mellon Elementary

Welcome to R. K. Mellon Elementary School in the Ligonier Valley School District.  We are located at the end of Bell Street behind the Ligonier Valley Middle School.  Our building has four classes at each grade level with average class size of 20 students.  Our building houses kindergarten through grade 5.

It is our goal to instruct each child at their own level and make accommodations for special needs students.  In addition to academic help, we offer an elementary student assistance program and school based mental health.  Our faculty has high expectations for their students and expects them to work hard toward success.  We have been acknowledged by the Pennsylvania Department of Education the last five years for academic progress.  We meet regularly with our parents and create a team of caring adults for our students.

Growth Mindset
We are changing our culture to foster a growth mindset within our students, faculty, and parents.  Our goal is to have students embrace a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset throughout life.  Click on the link to watch a YouTube video about growth mindset.