Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends:
A child’s self-concept can be very fragile, especially during the middle school years.  The following article is from the publication, “Middle Years: Working Together for School Success.”
Middle schoolers who feel good about themselves have an advantage during the middle school years.  They’re less dependent on impressing others, and they tend to face challenges with confidence.  Here are some ways to build self-esteem in your child.
·Be Realistic – If your child is like many middle schoolers, his/her view of himself/herself (outgoing or shy, artsy or athletic) is based on where he/she fits in among peers.  But instead of making comparisons to others, urge him/her to recognize strengths and pursue them.  If he/she has a knack for acting, for instance, suggest a drama class, try out for school or community productions.
·Choose Friends Wisely – Encourage your child to spend time with people who build him/her up and to avoid those who put him down.  Have your child invite good friends home more often and stay away from classmates who are catty. 
·Help Others – Making a difference in another person’s life can boost your middle schooler’s self-confidence.  Your child will take pride in being a leader and a role model.  Suggest tutoring younger student at school or volunteer for programs at a community center or place of worship. Your child can also meet with the guidance counselor about peer mentoring opportunities.
I thank you for your continued support of our students.
David Steimer