Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members:
The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) will be administered to all students attending the middle school.  As you can see from the schedule below, it will be a busy testing period for our students.
  • April 4 – 7       English Language Arts (all grades)
  • April 26 – 28  Mathematics (all grades)
  • May 2 – 3       Science (eighth grade) 
  • May 16 - 17   Algebra Keystone
Parents often ask what they can do to help their children prepare for the PSSA.  Here are a few suggestions that can impact performance:
  • Students should go to bed early each night so they are well rested to begin the test.
  • Although students have been participating in a PSSA review in their classes, your child may want to review materials at home prior to the test.
  • A student should not try to cram for the test.  A simple review of the material contained in your child’s PSSA review folder is sufficient.
  • Start the test day off with a nutritious breakfast.
I thank you for your continued support of our students.
David Steimer