Services for Protected Handicapped Students

In compliance with federal and state regulatory guidelines, the Ligonier Valley School District will provide protected handicapped students without discrimination or cost to the student or family, those related aids, services or accommodations which are necessary to provide equal opportunity to participate in and obtain the benefits of the school program and extracurricular activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the individual’s abilities.

To qualify as a protected handicapped individual, the student must be of school age with a physical or mental disability, which substantially limits or prohibits participation in or access to an aspect of the school program.

Services and protections for protected handicapped students are distinct from those applicable to exceptional students enrolled or seeking enrollment in special education programs.

Inquiries relative to procedures and provisions of services to protected handicapped students should be directed to the building administrator or the district LEA at 724-238-5696.

Services for Preschool Students

The Early Intervention Services System Act entitles all preschool children with disabilities to appropriate early intervention services.  Young children experiencing developmental delays or physical or mental disabilities and their families are eligible for early intervention services. 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is responsible for providing services to preschool children from ages three through five.  For more information, please contact the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit at 724-836-2460.

Gifted Services

The Ligonier Valley School District provides an appropriate public education to students who qualify for gifted programs. The district engages in identification procedures to ensure that eligible students receive an appropriate educational program. Parents of students enrolled in the Ligonier Valley School District may obtain additional information about this program by contacting the building administrator or the district LEA at 724-238-5696.

Services for Students in Non-Public Schools

The Ligonier Valley School District makes public special education accessible to resident students attending non-public schools. Parents of non-public students who suspect their child is exceptional and in need of special programming may request a multidisciplinary evaluation through written request to the LEA or the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit.