Quality Online Education

LV Online courses are offered through an online environment using both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The online courses from Ligonier Valley are robust and interactive. Content is presented in a variety of engaging ways using multimedia and collaborative tools. Teachers utilize the latest tools and emerging technologies to bring course content to life. This results in lessons that intrinsically motivate students to learn and appeal to the preferences of today’s digital learner.
Each course is aligned to Ligonier Valley School District’s curriculum and fully incorporates all standards as set forth by the PA Department of Education for that course. This enables your child to move seamlessly between online courses and the traditional classroom from year to year without experiencing "gaps" in the curriculum. High-quality material and objectives are present in both the online environment and the traditional classroom.
Each course is developed with all of the rigor and quality instruction of a traditional classroom.  Lessons and assessments are designed to challenge students and encourage inquiry, while fostering their individual needs and learning styles.  Because students have more flexibility in an online course, they can move through the material at a more customized pace.
The Ligonier Valley School District believes in the importance of developing a sense of community and socialization within learning experiences. Through the use of several multimedia tools, students will be able to collaborate with their online classmates while engaging in course content.

LV Online is geared for students in grades 7-12. It provides a flexible learning environment that includes online coursework and opportunity for participation in all middle school and high school activities. The program has been developed in collaboration with online learning experts and is based on years of research and best-practices for excellence in online learning. The goal is to bring flexibility and options to the children of the Ligonier Valley School District, while building necessary 21st Century skills for success. Students who participate in LV Online enjoy all of the benefits of being a Ligonier Valley student while receiving a customized, student-centered education that meets their educational and social needs.
Unique opportunities set LV Online apart from the others.
  • Graduate with a Ligonier Valley Diploma & walk with your class
  • Participate in all Ligonier Valley athletics
  • Join one of our student clubs & philanthropic organizations
  • Attend field trips
  • Sing in the chorus
  • Play in the band
  • Attend pep-rallies, prom, and other school events
  • Utilize support services for special education, gifted education, and tutoring
  • Technical support, computer and Internet service available